Stripes and Dots

I tried this nail art design on my sister and it came off gorgeous ! It takes a bit of time and patience. I’ve use my newly purchased nail art tools to get this done.


To start with, paint your nails with a transparent coat. I’ve use the one from Β Elle 18. Dry your nails thoroughly.

After dying the base coat, I’ve used a very thin nail brush to draw the stripes on the nails using a purple colour and Β I’ve used my dotting tool to crate small yellow dots in between the purple stripes. After drying, use a top coat for the design to last longer !


Tips for design :

  • Use a superfine nail art brush to draw the stripes.
  • After using the brush, use acetone and cotton to remove the excess nail paint rom the brush…if you don not clean your brus, it’ll get ruined.
  • After drawing a few stripes or creating a few dots, wipe off your brush/dotting tool and start fresh. Otherwise, nailpolish will keep on clogging on your brush and the design might get ruined.

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