Review : Missa Bella Mani Bombs

Well I had stumbled upon this account @missa_bella one day and found out how they were selling loads of manicure bombs. If you go to a saloon for a manicure , you’ll easily be robbed of your 800 least. So I tried to getΒ  my hands on this mani bombs as they are quite affordable.

They have launched 3 ranges : Fruity Sents – Rs 70 for each bomb, SentaliciousΒ  Rs 75 for each bomb and Fresh Florals – Rs 80 for each bomb other than Rose which costs Rs 85.


You have to purchase a minimum of 2 Manibombs. They are parceled in really cute packages and each parcel contains a hand written note for the customer. So cute!

I bought Just Peachy and Zesty Lemon for myself. I had kept my package in my wardrobe and my whole closet was smelling so fresh ! I got my manibombs free of shipping charges as they had recently reached a 100 followers on Instagram and they had made their deliveries shipping free for a week !

How to use a mani bomb ? Simple. Just drop your favourite flavour in a big bowl of water and watch the bomb sizzle. Yes ! The bomb sizzles ! Even though I live in a super humid place and it rains almost everyday here…..the bombs were neither soggy or bad!

Dip your hands for 15-20 minutes. I dipped my fingers in the water and started gently rubbing off the areas that was tanned. Yes, I am giving an honest review, it does lighten your tan to quite some extent. It also gives you a smooth cuticle and you can easily clean all the nooks and edges of your nails.


You can use them on your feet too !

After using them, just pat hour hands dry and Voila ! your hands smell absolutely gorgeous ! and the best thing ? They are super affordable ! You can easily gift these cute packages on your bff’s birthday or have a manicure party !

Go show them some love ! Follow Missa Bella at @missa_bella on Instagram or check their Facebook page

I’ve uploaded a video of me using one of their mani bombs :


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