Review : New Revlon Matte Collection


Revlon has launched their new Matte Edition of nail polishes …which I must say, are simply amazing !

The colours are in deep brown, sunny yellow, marine blue and coral. They also have a transparent matte top coat.

First and foremost, I would like to say that the polish is super smooth. Second, it dries in almost 20 seconds ! Applying it is simple, does not have any bubble in the liquid. It’s pretty dense too.

The nail paint looks gorgeous on its own. No need to get hands on stamping plates or vinyls. You can if you want to, but for people who does not want hassle free nail painting, this is the one !

I got myself the Coral one and I did not even need two coats….whereas my friend got the marine blue and she needed to apply two coats.

It’s cost effective as well ! Considering the quality, you only need to spend Rs190 or 2.82$.

I’ve been wearing it since 4-5 days but I would definitely recommend using a matte top coat if your into household chores like washing or cooking. Sadly, the top coat I have is not a matte one hence, using it would simply ruin the texture. As I needed to wash some clothes this week, sadly a bit of the colour scrapped off *sobs*.

To sum up, this new range is just amazing ! So the next thing you should do is grab one for yourself ! I would definitely recommend Revlon Matte collection to everyone !



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