Matte Nail Paints that you must try

I am personally really fond of matte nail polishes. If you’re a nail polish lover then you must be owning minimum 5 to 6 nail polishes which are matte. Instead of buying too many matte polishes, you can buy a good matte top coat instead…kinda saves a lot of money too!

I recently had my final exams and as all of you know, final exams are hardcore and you won’t get much time to do your nails. At the same time, I hate keeping my nails bare. Hence, Matte to the rescue! Matte polishes literally take 2 seconds to dry. There’s no hustle at all! Matte polishes look best in formal occasions like a matte black or maroon or nude matte shades.

If you’re a beginner with nail polishes, practising brush strokes on your nails with matte polishes is a nice way to practise wearing nail polish as you can never go wrong with it. Plus, matte polishes mean a lot less mess.

I’ve collected pictures of the matte polishes swatches from Instagram that you must try, if not all, try some of them. I really love all these colours even though I don’t own all of them 😋And money is not something you should worry about as these polishes are not super expensive. Hope you like it!

1 ) Stay Quirky

Stay Quirky is a new Indian Brand of polishes. They have loads of nail polishes and a huge number of colours to select from. The best thing about Stay Quirky is that they are super affordable and the bottles come in perfect sizes. I personally like small polish bottles as they are easier to carry everywhere and you can finish off the polish quickly – no wastage of polishes by drying!

You can find these polishes at

Credits to all Stay Quirky swatches:

  • Matte-rella 1068



  • Matte and the Beast 1072



2 ) Juice Cosmetics

One of my favourite matte polishes of all time, Juice Matte polishes come in some serious vibrant colours. And what’s the best thing? They only cost 50 rupees per bottle! That’s why I like them soooooo much as I’m cheap as F 😂. And they’re totally made in India! My favourite Juice Matte is M9 – it’s a super vibrant sky blue shade! I think the biggest disadvantage of Juice polishes is that they do not last long if you’re into household chores, which I gotta do a lot as I live in a hostel. And I hate wearing gloves, so they start chipping off pretty easily. Plus, they’re not available in all stores, that sucks.

  • Juice Matte M9



  • Juice Matte M12



  • Juice Matte M8



  • Juice Matte M13



  • Juice Matte Top Coat



3) Revlon

Revlon Matte nail polishes are my all time favourite. It’s a bit on the expensive side, each bottle costs around 300 rupees but it’s totally worth the money. They last really long, for about a week, even if you do dishes or wash clothes. The shades are amazing! To be honest, I haven’t seen such shades in any other labels. I really love the brush of these polishes. It is thin. You can use 1-2 coats and viola! You have your masterpiece! But NEVER forget using a base coat with these polishes as they tend to discolour your nails. Yes, it has happened to me and it takes a lot of time to get rid of that discoloration.

You can find Revlon Matte Series at any cosmetic store or any shopping site on the internet.

  • Revlon Marine Matte 529



  • Revlon Flaming Matte 524



4 ) Nykaa

No words, Nykaa Matte polishes are aaaaamazing. Each bottle costs only 199 rupees. The have plethora of shades to choose from and they have separate series of Matte shades like the Autumn-Winter Collection, Nude Collection etc. They last super long and do not stain your nails even if you don’t use a base coat! They are 5 free and cruelty-free. The colours are simply stunning! These are just some of my favourite shades, there are loads of other shades on their website. You can find all the shades at

  • Very Vanilla 156



  • Cool Blue Granita 17



  • Lavender Panna Cotta 15



  • Tender Tulle 153



  • Strawberry Shortcake 139



5) Miss Nails

Miss Nails matte polishes are completely made in India. They are 5 free and cruelty-free. You just need one stroke and the polish is completely opaque. I really love the bottle design…really unique! And the coolest part? You can get super amazing discounts like buy 2 get 1! Check their website

Credits to all Miss Nails swatches:

  • Mighty Green 01


  • Red Alert 03


  • Black Again 04


  • Crazy Red 08


6) Sugar Matte Polishes

Sugar is a foreign brand of cosmetics. I really love the colours. It’s soft and subtle. I haven’t used this brand personally but those who have used it. You can check it out at @trysugar on Instagram.

  • 07 Carpe Creme



6) Amber Gel 

Nowadays gel nail polishes are a huge trend. You wear matte polishes using an UV matte top coat. All you need is an UV lamp and some Gel polishes. Sounds great !

  • AG02 with UV Matte Top Coat



7) Anny

Last but not the least, you can use a clear matte top coat to convert all your manicures to matte manicures. This is probably the best option and the most economic one. Just try to get hold of a nice matte top coat like this one from Anne.

  • Matte Top Coat



Thanks to all the wonderful ladies for contributing to this blog and making it a success! Check them out on Instagram, I’ve put all the links along with their designs.

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11 Easy Flower Nail Designs from Instagram

Don’t you just wish you could do some flower designs on your nails but they seem so tough! And if you don’t have nail art tools, you’ve probably given up hope 😦 Let’s break some myths regarding nail art. You can create some awesome nail designs USING ONLY the stuff lying around your house like toothpicks, bobby pins, cello tape and much more!

I’ve curated for you, 12 super easy flower nail art designs for this summer  ❤. You can flaunt these style at a wedding or a party as they look super cute and stylish at the same time!

1. Negative Space Flower Nail Design  by @nailingitrush

I simply love this technique!  It’s super pretty and the best part is you can use a toothpick and some cello tape do create this design!



2.  Reverse Stamp Flower Nail Design by @shreyashirke

This technique will require a stamp and a flower stamping plate. The best part of this design is you can customise the colours of the flower!




3.  French Nail Tips using Flowers by @itskittynails

This nail design is super cute! You can transform your boring nail tips into these amazing cute nails!




4. Stamping Roses Nail Design by @prettynails_for_u

This nail design is very formal. You can create some roses on nude base and flaunt it in your office!




5. Dotticure Flower Nail Design by @ayon26

This design is by me! And it’s super easy! I did it with dotting tools but you can use a toothpick or a bobby pin.  Make sure to add little leaves to increase the detail!




6. Rhinestone Flower Nail Design by @nailart_and_me

Instead of dots, you can use rhinestones or beads! Elegant!




7. Single Flower Nail Design by @anamtenor

This is a really simple design. You can either use a stamping plate or do free hand painting. Just make sure to draw only one flower on each nail. Very suitable for formal occasions.



8.  Ombre Flower Nail Design by @appy_nail

This particular nail design has a really soothing effect. I really love the colour transition! You need a sponge to do the gradient and some stamping plate or free hand painting.



9. Flower Nail Design Stickers by @every_girl_luvs_nails

Have no time to do nails? Just grab a few nail art stickers and voila! you have your pretty flower design!



10.  Freehand Roses Nail Design by @nail_artista_

Freehand roses look lovely. They are easy to do. You can either use a bobby pin or a dotting tool…but nail art brushes work best!


Screenshot_20170508-114523 (1).jpg

11. Acrylic Flower Nail Design by @nail_artista_

Sometimes nail paint can be difficult to draw with. So you can use acrylic colours for better results. I love this design as it has a very Spring look!



Thanks to all these wonderful ladies! Be sure to check their Instagram, I’ve put all their links along with their pictures.

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Instagram: @ayon26 .


December 2016 Favourites

PicMonkey Image.pngThis post is dedicated to all the nail related things I’ve used and liked most during this year’s December. Not all the nail products were released this year/December, hence, I’m listing all the products I’ve loved using during this December.

1. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Not all of us can get hand on Burts Bees to treat our cuticles or buy all the fancy cuticle oils worth 300(5$) rupees. Hence, comes the savior, Vaseline. The small one costs only 35 rupees(1/2$) and trust me, it works wonders. Yes, I’m a cheap person but I would rather buy nail polishes with that other 4 and a half dollars and not spend it on something stupid. Petroleum Jelly heals rough skin and cracks really well, and I can say this because I have an extremely dry sensitive skin and it works really well for me. Just massage some jelly around your nails and cuticle before going to bed. You can also use it on your lips and toes. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be left with soft moisturized skin. Cuticle problem solved easily !

Pocket pinch : 35 rupees (Small size , without shipping)

Product link :


Pic Courtesy :

2.  Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party (White 102) and ColorBar BloodyMary (Red 098)

December is the Christmas month and almost every Christmas manicure requires white and red colours. For the white, I recently purchased Maybelline Color Show White 102 and it works pretty well with the stamping. It only took 105 rupees to buy it so it’s pretty cheap. For the red, I use Colorbar BloodyMary in 098 this one’s a bit costly(150-200 rupees) but this is my favourite red shade out of all the ones I’ve used. You can buy other shades as well like from Lakme or NailTrendz but this one’s super glossy.

Pocket Pinch : 105 + 200 = 305 Rupees + shipping

Product link :


3. Harunouta Store Stamping Plates 26 and 27

Harunouta Store is the Japanese version of BornPrettyStore. I really love their products and they deliver faster then BornPretty. You can check their website . I bought 2 stamping plates via @nailart_nailsfiesta on Instagram. She sells wonderful nailart goods at affordable prices. I got one Ugly Christmas plate and one Merry Christmas each for 150 rupees. Totally worth it !

Pocket Pinch : 300 Rupees + shipping

Product link : Send her a message for  more info !


4. BornPrettyStore Christmas Stamping Plate

I got this plate for free actually..they were holding a contest on Instagram during 200 piece seckil sell…repost their ad and they would send you a goodie bag containing a stamping plate, a galaxy stamper and scrapers..I only paid 200 rupess for shippping… It is a rectangular plate with beautifully etched designs. The code is celebrations BPX-L008. Totally in love !

Pocket Pinch : 200 Rupees(sale price)


5. BornPrettyStore Double Headed Rhinestone Stamper

I had won this stamper from Harunouta’s page(@harunoutanailart) on Instagram in a contest. This stamper absolutely gorgeous – you do not need to buy special stamping nail polish to get your designs … any normal pigmented polishes would do. It is a made of clear jelly silicon and is super sticky…hence picks up superb designs. It has two heads – one comes with the rhinestone bottom and another one with the clear plastic cylinder. There are other clear jelly stampers that you can buy too, they’re less expensive and works the same..but this one’s my favourite!  It looks so pretty ! If you’re a beginner at stamping, this one’s for you!

Pocket Pinch : 290 Rupees + shipping

Product Link :


Pic Courtesy :

Picture Courtesy :

6. Jinny International Liquid Latex

Well this is not the best option when it comes to liquid latex but I’ve looked into other options like BornPretty or BMC, they’re shit expensive and I would not spend 600 rupees on a liquid latex. So this one works descent enough.  Only drawback…  I do not like it’s smell…it has this gummy essence which is kinda weird.If you had gum smell then I would recommend you to buy BPS Odour Free Liquid Latex. Otherwise if you don’t wanna spend much(like me LOL), it’s okay for 300 rupees. I ordered this from and there were no extra delivery charges.

Pocket Pinch : 300 rupees

Product Link :


Pic Courtesy :

These are my 6 favourite items from December 2016. Let me know what’s your favourite!  If you have any questions, you can leave a comment here, email me at or message me on or Instagram @ayon26.

Review : Nicole Diary Water Decals


I was sent Nicole Diary Water decals for review and as it turns out, I wasn’t disappointed. I got 3 sets of decals : Black Blossom 05, Secret Garden 02 and Black Aztec 03. The packaging is pretty cool…and it comes with instructions written in English.

Paint your nails with a base coat and then all you have to do is cut out the design and remove the plastic covering over it. Using a pair of tweezers, dip it in a bowl of water for 15-30 seconds until the design peels off from the paper and place it gently on your nail. Use a top coat to seal in the design.

It is very simple to use. The only tricky part is try not go get the design folded or anything, otherwise it gets ruined. It took me 3-4 turns to place it properly on my nail but not to worry ! It is as simple as a pie 🙂

Just don’t forget using a good top coat. After sealing in the design and drying off my top coat, I used my hands pretty much, for shampooing and washing etc and yes ! The design remains  absolutely perfect !

Thank you so much to @nicolediary2016 and @nicolediary_amazon from Instagram for sending me these beautiful decals. I’m absolutely in love with them ! Be sure to check them out and also check their US shop which does a world wide shipping  .

You can use my discount code E4J52KGG to get a few bucks less on your bill !



Review : New Revlon Matte Collection


Revlon has launched their new Matte Edition of nail polishes …which I must say, are simply amazing !

The colours are in deep brown, sunny yellow, marine blue and coral. They also have a transparent matte top coat.

First and foremost, I would like to say that the polish is super smooth. Second, it dries in almost 20 seconds ! Applying it is simple, does not have any bubble in the liquid. It’s pretty dense too.

The nail paint looks gorgeous on its own. No need to get hands on stamping plates or vinyls. You can if you want to, but for people who does not want hassle free nail painting, this is the one !

I got myself the Coral one and I did not even need two coats….whereas my friend got the marine blue and she needed to apply two coats.

It’s cost effective as well ! Considering the quality, you only need to spend Rs190 or 2.82$.

I’ve been wearing it since 4-5 days but I would definitely recommend using a matte top coat if your into household chores like washing or cooking. Sadly, the top coat I have is not a matte one hence, using it would simply ruin the texture. As I needed to wash some clothes this week, sadly a bit of the colour scrapped off *sobs*.

To sum up, this new range is just amazing ! So the next thing you should do is grab one for yourself ! I would definitely recommend Revlon Matte collection to everyone !


Review : Missa Bella Mani Bombs

Well I had stumbled upon this account @missa_bella one day and found out how they were selling loads of manicure bombs. If you go to a saloon for a manicure , you’ll easily be robbed of your 800 least. So I tried to get  my hands on this mani bombs as they are quite affordable.

They have launched 3 ranges : Fruity Sents – Rs 70 for each bomb, Sentalicious  Rs 75 for each bomb and Fresh Florals – Rs 80 for each bomb other than Rose which costs Rs 85.


You have to purchase a minimum of 2 Manibombs. They are parceled in really cute packages and each parcel contains a hand written note for the customer. So cute!

I bought Just Peachy and Zesty Lemon for myself. I had kept my package in my wardrobe and my whole closet was smelling so fresh ! I got my manibombs free of shipping charges as they had recently reached a 100 followers on Instagram and they had made their deliveries shipping free for a week !

How to use a mani bomb ? Simple. Just drop your favourite flavour in a big bowl of water and watch the bomb sizzle. Yes ! The bomb sizzles ! Even though I live in a super humid place and it rains almost everyday here…..the bombs were neither soggy or bad!

Dip your hands for 15-20 minutes. I dipped my fingers in the water and started gently rubbing off the areas that was tanned. Yes, I am giving an honest review, it does lighten your tan to quite some extent. It also gives you a smooth cuticle and you can easily clean all the nooks and edges of your nails.


You can use them on your feet too !

After using them, just pat hour hands dry and Voila ! your hands smell absolutely gorgeous ! and the best thing ? They are super affordable ! You can easily gift these cute packages on your bff’s birthday or have a manicure party !

Go show them some love ! Follow Missa Bella at @missa_bella on Instagram or check their Facebook page

I’ve uploaded a video of me using one of their mani bombs :

Converse Nails ❤

One of the coolest designs till date, Converse Nails are totally love 💜  It is very easy to do , just a few quick steps and gorgeousness !

  • 13510739_1258243277542904_874919734_n.jpg
  • Put a base colour, preferably something dark, like those you see in converse shoes. I’ve used black, yellow, purple, red and green. You can colour all your nails with one single colour.
  • Paint the tips of all your nails white and put a strip of the respective base colour over the white.
  • Over the base colour , first put 6 silver/golden dots over which put the white dots.
  • Connect the first 2 and the last 2 dots horizontally and then draw an ‘X’between the 1st and 2nd set of dots as well as the 2nd and 3rd set of dots respectively.
  • Finish off with a top coat to protect your colour !

Few tips and tricks :

💕 Using a dotting tool is a MUST for the dots.

💕 For drawing the thin strips of show laces and the colour band, use a super fine brush.

My Video Tutorial :



Tribal Nail Art



This is one of my favourite designs for and green are total summer colours !

  • I’ve used a mat orange as the base.
  • Then I’ve used a flat brush to paint half of my nail with a bright light green.
  • As I ran out of my black nail paint, I’ve used a deep purple instead, to draw a straight line, at the junction of the orange and green shades.
  •  I took my tiniest dotting tool to make a few dots upon the orange shade and the other fingers.
  • After the green colour dries completely, I’ve drawn a few triangles using yellow to increasing the detailing and ended by drawing a thin yellow strip beneath the triangles.
  • I’ve used a transparent top coat to finish off my design.

💻 Check out my video Tutorial of this Nail Art on :

Flower Nail Art Tutorial


Today I tried my  a new design on my mom’s nails. This is a flower nail art tutorial is done using nail art brushes and dotting tool. At first, paint your nails with a pink base coat. Dry it off completely after which use a very thin brush to draw the flower and then fill the petals using golden glitter. Finish it off by making a few dots using your dotting tool.

If you do not have a dotting tool, you can simply use the end of a match stick or a toothpick.

Drawing the petals with precision is a must…otherwise the whole design will get ruined. Addition of the dots are not mandatory. You can leave the design by just drawing the petals. Try using colour combination of a dark background with a with design colour.

Stripes and Dots

I tried this nail art design on my sister and it came off gorgeous ! It takes a bit of time and patience. I’ve use my newly purchased nail art tools to get this done.


To start with, paint your nails with a transparent coat. I’ve use the one from  Elle 18. Dry your nails thoroughly.

After dying the base coat, I’ve used a very thin nail brush to draw the stripes on the nails using a purple colour and  I’ve used my dotting tool to crate small yellow dots in between the purple stripes. After drying, use a top coat for the design to last longer !


Tips for design :

  • Use a superfine nail art brush to draw the stripes.
  • After using the brush, use acetone and cotton to remove the excess nail paint rom the brush…if you don not clean your brus, it’ll get ruined.
  • After drawing a few stripes or creating a few dots, wipe off your brush/dotting tool and start fresh. Otherwise, nailpolish will keep on clogging on your brush and the design might get ruined.